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Upcoming Event

Shri Radhapriye ji of Divine Task Mission will be visiting United Kingdom in August 2019. He will be delivering lectures on Vedic literature, Shrimad Bhagwatam, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Meditative Techniques and on various contemporary Spiritual & inspirational subjects at various places in UK.  

Gehvarvan: The Divine Forest   Located adjacent to Village Barsana of Mathura district is a dense forest well known as Gehvarvan. The bliss and ecstasy of the region cannot be spelled out in words. It can be only felt by a pure and divine heart. This sacred place has been remained the foremost witness of divine love tales of Lord Radha Krishna since time immemorial. It is mentioned in ancient texts that this forest has been developed by Shri Radha Rani by her own hand out of loving compassion towards Lord Krishna ...... Read More

Organizing an Event      

Educating masses and motivating them towards the divine path of spirituality is the biggest service to people. You can join us and can organize various satsang programme, Kirtan event, lectures, workshops at your place. Our scholars can come and can selflessly render their services to spread the holy name of the almighty through which negativity of Kali can be reduced and a better society can be formed.


          Nurturing World- Divine Gurukul      The vision of our learned Gurus, specially our Inspiration His Holiness Ramesh Baba ji Maharaaj, has always been to educate the world with finest and most strongest scholastic learning. With a very meagre effort to manifest a part of their aspiration, concept of Divine Gurukul has started boggling up. The idea is to established hundreds of such small, traditionally designed & operated but most contemporary & efficient units all around the world strictly working under guidance of Spiritual Masters such as Pujya Baba Maharaaj, where finest of philosophers, preachers, nobel administrators,healers etc will be developed . Stay connected to have more updates on it and to be part of this small but revolutionary effort.

Shaping Yourself

If you relish seeing a recipe or pic of the lip-smacking food, you start savouring it mentally and start moving to eat it, right !  That’s because you dream it up in your intellect/feelings first before it come to existence in front of you. This can work to your benefit, but also to your aspirations, so be sure to use it advantageously and imagine your life the way you want it, rather than the way you don’t want it. If you aren’t actively using your imagination you’ll grow stagnant, and you’ll notice that your life hasn’t really been improving or worsening, just kind of hovering in the same spot.

-  Divine Task 

Mata ji Gaushala :  World's Largest Gaushala

Abode of more than 50000 rescued and injured cows which are nurtured and protected in motherly way. Location: Village Maanpur, Barsana. District. Mathura (U.P.), India.