Radhapriye Ji


Shri Radhapriye ji

Radhapriye ji is a well acclaimed spiritual, motivational & inspirational speaker and delivers lecture on Shrimad Bhagwatam, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Upanishad and other significant texts related to Self Awakening. After completion of engineering and management course, Radhapriye ji, under divine inspiration of his spiritual masters His Holiness Shri Ramesh baba Maharaaj and Revered Shri Albeli Madhuri Sharan ji Maharaaj, gave up material endeavors  and got fully tossed-in to various spiritual and humanitarian services as guided by his masters.  Selfless service to mankind, strictly as per instructions of ancient scriptures and teachings of masters, is the sole driving spirit behind the divine task taken in hand by Radhapriye ji. According to him, the only good we can do in this life is to experience the Almighty in everyone, thereby serving the mankind at large selflessly, beyond any boundary of caste, creed, race and geographical limits. The only objective of his interaction with society is to serve humanity by delivering only one message ‘Lets Go Back to Godhead’ . ‘Lets say Goodbye to our endless sufferings and illusions.’